We offer both free and paid training

Here's just a sample of our free training


We can provide products for you to sell or help you learn to create your own

Join our membership website and get immediate access to over 2200 Private Label Rights products. Learn from them, Use them, Resell1 them and keep 100% of the profit!

1 Where licenses allow, you may resell and/or repackage many of these products!


We create custom, responsive websites. We provide templates you can customize (free and paid).

Here's one of our template sites where you can get free and premium templates.


We train you how to get free traffic. We direct you to paid traffic sources, if you're interested in them. We sell hot opt-in leads that are targeted to internet marketing and online business interests.

Here's access to our free traffic club

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Functional work Process


We will work with you to determine what it is you want to accomplish and create a strategy to accomplish it.


We will take that strategy and create a plan to help you focus on accomplishing your goals.


There are many ways to provide the training and/or services you need. We'll explain each mechanism and create a process to implement the plan.

Title (SEO Related)

What's in a TITLE? EVERYTHING! These days, your business title... even your domain name should contain one or more of the keywords or phrases used to identify you, your brand, your product(s)/service(s)/offer(s), etc. With our help, your pages will contain everything needed to ensure SEO and SEM quality, and, thus, top search engine organic rankings in minimum time.


The workflow we follow, we will, also, train you to follow. To accomplish anything in online business, having a plan is not enough! You have to follow through on it, focus and not get distracted. Our workflow will help you accomplish all that. In the end, you'll be able to look back and say, "I achieved my goal(s)"..

Training, Products, Websites, Traffic, Leads, and more... provided by Josserand Ace ConsultinG™

Our owner has IT experience dating back to 1971, has been everything from an operating systems programmer to a CTO, and has been doing Internet Marketing and Training since 1998. We own over 300 websites all dedicated to helping you learn about and become successful and profitable in online business. Responsive websites are our specialty. Product creation and marketing, likewise. Also, we pride ourselves on our SEO/SEM expertise. In fact. we like to say we have "No Salesmen, Just Experts!" in our organization. You'll come to find that is a fact as you work with us! Your success is our success!
Our company was formed on October 1st, 1998 as Josserand and Associates Consulting Group. From then until 2012, we were doing Affiliate Marketing, writing and editing, creating websites, doing database consulting, and providing managed services for Oracle and Linux mostly. In 2012, we incorporated and changed our name to Josserand Ace ConsultinG. At that time, we invested even more heavily into Internet Marketing and Training services. We now own over 300 websites all dedicated to helping you learn about and become quickly successful and profitable in online business.
We offer training in all aspects of Internet Marketing, from product creation to membership sites. Through our many websites, you can see how we implement affiliate programs, eBook creation and sales, graphics and logo creation, and more. We have packages that can get you, your business, and your brand going fast. Don't have a product? Don't have a brand? Have an idea, but need help starting a business online to promote it? Need help with promotion? We got all those bases covered! Just contact us!

These are our Fantastic skills

We've been in the Internet space doing websites, training, sales, and more since 1998. We create responsive web designs.

The Skills we have

...and lots more!

We Also Offer Hosting With Free Money-Making Websites Pre-Installed For You!

You can see previews of the available sites here.

  • Silver
  • $ 59 / mon
  • 5 Free Websites
  • 1 GB Storage Per Site
  • Email/Chat Support
  • Free Training
  • 5 Free PLR Products
  • Gold
  • $ 79 / mon
  • 20 Free Websites
  • 1 GB Storage Per Site
  • Email/Chat/Phone Support
  • Free Training
  • 20 Free PLR Products

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